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FORTitude 10k Expo Application 2019

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FORTitude 10k's Expo is located inside Colorado State University's Canvas Stadium on the east and west concourse, right near the race finish and lunch bag distribution. Booth spaces are sheltered (under stadium seating on east and west concourses). Tents are not allowed at Expo. Other signage is permitted and all activation plans must be approved by the FORTitude and CSU teams. Please complete the form below, and return it via email or mail with payment to reserve your space. If you have any questions, please contact Frances at 720-236-1966 or [email protected]. Mailing address: BolderBOULDER / 5500 Central Ave. #110 / Boulder, CO 80301.
Certain categories that conflict with race sponsors will not be allowed at the event. FORTitude 10k reserves the right to cancel booth space at any time up to 30 days before the event if there is a sponsor conflict. Booth sharing is not permitted and vendors do not receive category exclusivity. Contact Frances for details or questions.
  • Larger booth spaces to be negotiated based on specic needs.
  • One 8' table and two chairs are included in the cost of the booth.
  • Power: each vendor will have access to a standard 110 outlet for power.
  • Insurance: certicates of insurance are required to participate. You will receive those requirements after reserving your booth space.
  • Food vendors are required to comply with CSU Public Health requirements. Please contact Frances for guidelines and approval process.
APPLICATIONPlease include main contact information. All event information will be mailed, faxed and/or emailed to the contact below.
More than 1 month out = full refund    2 weeks to 1 month out = 50% refund    Less than 2 weeks out = no refund
Please contact Frances Friedland at [email protected] to arrange payment.
5500 Central Ave., #110 Boulder, CO 80301
T: 303-444-RACE F: 303-447-9177
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