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2019 BBRacers Club Registration

Welcome to the 2019 BB Racers Club

1. Coach Questions
New Club or Returning? *This question is required.
School Type *This question is required.
School Address (for race packet delivery)
Students, Teachers/Staff, Parents & Siblings that register under your club by May 1st will receive their race packets delivered to the school. *This question is required.
Space Cell Address
Street Address
Zip Code
This question requires a valid email address.
Men's/Women's Shoe *This question is required.
This question requires a valid number format.
Will you have an assistant Coach working with you this year?
(We ask that you are expecting to have 10 or more students participating in your program before we issue an assistant Coach Comp) *This question is required.
Let us help recruit! Check yes and we will contact you to schedule a school presentation in March or early April.
With the increased interest in recruitment presentations, we do request that you are expecting at least 10 students to attend the recruitment presentation for us to schedule. *This question is required.
Our Mandatory Coach Kick-Off Meeting dates will be held February 19th & 20th. You or a club representative MUST attend to receive updated information for the 2019 BBRacers Club, we will ask for your RSVP after the registration deadline.
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